Scott Jeffreys

Lead Vocal & Guitar

Name: Scott Harvey (AKA Jeffreys)

What is your Instrument(s): Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Influences: U2, James, REM, Arcade Fire & Suede, Lou Reed (VU), Bowie, PJ Harvey (No relation), The Longpigs, The Smiths, Martha Wainwright, Every Manchester band in the last 30 years & Johnny Cash

History/Previous bands: Forbidden Lands (Very Briefly) , Tripwire & One and a zero

Favourite “from carbon” Song and why is it your favourite?: Wealth (The title track) – I love it’s sentiment and its energy and its simplicity.

Favourite “from carbon” moment: We played a very intimate gig at Carson’s in Middleton to test out the songs before we committed them to the record, it was great as we could tell even at that stage we had some great new songs and we were getting a good reaction from the small crowd and I think we actually made a few mistakes which helped us write new parts for the album which was a nice little side effect.

Also hearing back the early mixes of the Album and thinking “wow, Is that really us?”