From carbon

From Carbon are an exciting 7-piece Mancunian Indie band with the true sound of Manchester - fusing the nostalgic influences of pre-bomb Manchester while also bringing a forward thinking mentality to their sound keeping this style of music alive both now and in the future.

The band toured in 2016 with the amazingly talented Heather Small (M-People) at 14 dates across the UK.

A creative line up of solid yet expressive drums and bass, guitars which veer from the intricate, to the raunchy, to the beautifully atmospheric; the soaring melodic tones of violin and piano with the emotive lead vocal and tasteful backing vocals; makes it easy to get lost in the soundscape of From Carbon.

The band released its’ debut album ‘Wealth’ in late 2013 and the album launch saw them sell out The Deaf Institute in Manchester. The rave reviews from fans and critics that followed were a testament to the hard work and song craft of the band. Since then, From Carbon have been performing at Greater Manchester venues and events such as the Night and Day Café, Blackthorn Festival and most recently selling out Gorilla and supporting Chameleons Vox at Academy 2 in December 2015.

From Carbon recently showed their support for the charity After Adoption playing at Carsons Bar in Middleton where Andy Diagram of legendary Manchester band ‘James’ played with his new band ‘The Spaceheads’ to support this great cause. From Carbon organised this fundraiser and raised over £500 for the charity.

From Carbon are currently working on material for the follow up to their successful debut album ‘Wealth’ and are now road testing one or two new songs... Watch this space!

The band

Scott Jeffreys

Lead Vocals / Guitar

Influences: U2, James, REM, Arcade Fire, Suede, Lou Reed (VU), Bowie, PJ Harvey (No relation), The Longpigs, The Smiths, Martha Wainwright, Johnny Cash and every Manchester band in the last 30 years.

History/Previous bands: Forbidden Lands (Very Briefly), Tripwire and One and a zero.


Bass & BV

Influences: Cliff Burton, Jean-Jacques Burnel, Roger Waters, Steve Harris, Noel Redding, Peter Hook, John Entwistle & John Paul Jones

History/Previous bands: One and a zero, Ten Acre


Drums / Percussion

Influences: Pearl Jam, Rush, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelyn and Keith Moon

History/Previous bands: Slightly Imperfect, Same Changes, 10 Acre.


Lead Guitar
Influences: Gary Moore, Eric Clapton, Gary Boyle and Mark Knopfler History/Previous bands: Dear Superstar